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Necklaces of encapsulated insects
Genuine bugs in clear
resin, on cords.
Springy rings of seed beads
Rings of seed beads on spRing
wire. Being springy, they adjust
themselves to different finger sizes.
Cuff bracelets of braided seed beads
Cuff bracelets of seed
beads on braided wire.
Hangable quartz crystal pendant focals
Unpolished quartz crystal pendant pieces
with loops, ready for hanging.
These have their original
natural crystal faces.
Stretchy bead bracelets
Stretchy bead bracelets,
various materials.
Stretchy daisy bead bracelets
Stretchy daisy-style
seed-bead bracelets.
Arrowhead pendant focals
Arrowhead pendant focals,
genuine knapped stone,
with loop and ready for
Quartz crystal pendants on cords
Polished quartz crystal
pendants with black cords.
Quartz crystal pendants on cords
Labradorite inlay pendant pieces,
ready for hanging. These are
pieces of irridescent labradorite
set into a black outer stone,
with bail and loop.