Mesquite in the spring.

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Mesquite leaves display their brilliant green in April due to sunlight.

Mesquite tree shows forth both its leaves and flowers against a blue April sky.

Mesquites can cast a deep shade beneath their bright green leaves, in this case due to two trees. Also assisting is the shadow of the building beyond. But be aware that grottos of this type can harbor many thorns, both on the trees and on the ground under them.

And this being the spring, the mesquites put forth their fuzzy yellow blossoms.

Mesquite blossoms in a different stage of development.

Close-up look at a fuzzy mesquite blossom, which, as you can see, is a collection of many microflowers.

Beginning and opened mesquite blossoms, amidst a jumble of leaves. I wonder if there is any connection between the fact that a blossom consists of many little flowers, and the fact that each greater leaf is actually a whole bunch of little ones? If you look carefully, you can also see the nasty thorns for which this variety is famous.

Mesquite leaves closer up, The brilliance imparted to them by the sun is here mottled by shadowing of one upon another.

The mesquite leaves much closer up, showing details such as the somewhat fuzzy edges each little leaf has.