Minor Jewelry Repairing and Remodeling.

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We now offer bead stringing, bola repair, earring conversions,
and other minor remodels and repairs to NONPRECIOUS JEWELRY ONLY.

karat gold, platinum,
or jewelry containing diamonds or natural faceted or other high-value stones,
nor metalsmithing work* on sterling and lesser metals inasmuch as we cannot usually know
exactly what metals and solders are present, making it too risky.

(New chains for sterling and goldfilled items are available
if no alterations to the piece itself are required.)

Minor repairs on common nonprecious jewelry.
Watch band and battery work as described in the Watch Services page.
We still make custom jewelry pieces, silver or certain base metals, using our materials.
We may furnish and set replacements for missing or broken stones,
depending on the job and the customer's needs; however,
no recutting of customer's faceted or high-value stones.
If we choose to accept a job to recut, repolish, reset into an existing mounting,
or make a custom mounting for customer's stone, it is at customer's risk.
*We don't generally resize rings, but may accept such a job in certain circumstances --
silver only, and usually limited to those having light shanks.