Rockhounding maps and guides:

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We carry an assortment of books dealing with rock identification, rock collecting, and gold prospecting. Our most popular include:



Rocks, Gems and Minerals (Golden Guide): A fully color illustrated basic guide to minerals. �This handy identification guide to the most common kinds of rocks and minerals offers concise and fascinating information on: Physical and chemical properties, origins and geologic significance, gems and semiprecious stones, how to find and collect specimens.�


Gold Diggers Atlas by Robert Neil Johnson: A book of maps of gold collecting areas in all western States. Includes also locations of various rock shops.


Rockhounding Arizonaby Gerry Blair. Contains rather lengthy site descriptions of a number of collecting sites in Arizona, along with map information as to how to get there. ��expert rockhound Gerry Blair describes more than seventy of the state�s best rockhounding areas, from jasper hunting in the historic mining district near Bagdad [Az, not Iraq] to search for gold in the Superstition Mountains and digging for turquoise at the foot of the Heiroglyphic Range. This guidebook covers popular and commercial sites as well as numerous little-known sites. It also describes where to view mineral specimens and prehistoric artifacts at Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest national parks, as well as on tribal lands. Brimming with advice on collecting and preparing gems and minerals, this handy book also includes maps and directions to each site and directories to museums, rock shops, and major public land areas.�


Arizona Gold & Gems Maps Then and Now:An excellent map set, showing 1881 configuration and also the modern configuration on a transparent overlay, along with remarkably detailed and complete locations of specific mineral sites. Gives you not only the modern layout, but also the historical map, which can be useful in searching out old mines, claims, rumors, etc. from historical references. Very well done.


Arizona Ghost Towns/Sites Then and Now. An excellent map set, showing 1881 configuration and also the modern configuration on a transparent overlay. Gives you not only the modern layout, but also the historical situation, which can be useful in searching out things historical. Very well done.


Gem Trails of Arizona by James R. Mitchell: Site descriptions and maps for collecting rocks in Arizona. �Detailed text describing where to go and what to look for at each site.Maps for each site pinpointing the best supplies of specimens. photographs depicting the collecting areas. A new glossary to help you identify your finds. A full-color photographic portfolio of spectacular Arizona gems.� �Filled with expert advice based on years of experience, Gem Trails of Arizona is an indispensable handbook for the rockhound who is just starting to explore the wealth of this colorful state. The seasoned collector too will find this an invaluable reference.More than 90 collection sites.�


Western Gem Hunters Atlas by H. Cyril, Johnson: Rock locations from California to the Dakotas, and British Columbia to Texas.This is a book of maps of mineral collecting sites. Also includes locations of rock shops.



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